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Courses taught 

FINC 318 Business Finance (Louisiana Tech University)

This is an introductory level undergraduate course that covers principles of financial management.

Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

FINC 485 International Finance (Louisiana Tech University)

This is an upper-level undergraduate course that introduces students to issues and questions which concern financial management of international corporations.

Winter 2019, Winter 2020

FINC 516 Financial Management: Policies and Practices (Louisiana Tech University)

This is an MBA course that involves the application of decision-making procedures to financial management problems. Student is required to solve case problems and manage the financial affairs of computer simulated firm.

Winter 2019, Winter 2020

FIN 3512 Financial Modeling (Temple University)

This is an upper-level undergraduate course that covers the theory and practice of financial management, emphasizing computer-based modeling and forecasting.

Evaluations: Summer I 2017 (4.6/5.0), Fall 2017 (4.7/5.0)

FIN 3101 Financial Management (Temple University)

This is an introductory finance course to all business undergraduates. Topics include financial analysis and planning, capital budgeting, and cost of capital.

Evaluations: Summer II 2017 (4.6/5.0), Spring 2018 (4.8/5.0)


Fox Teaching Academy (2016)

Learned basic tenets of academic motivation theory and classroom management, content course
delivery, assessment methodology and teaching-related technologies.

Fox Online Teaching Certificate (2017)

Obtained knowledge and skills that are essential for teaching online classes.

Comments from students on teaching evaluation forms:

"Prof. Ju was the absolute best!!! A pleasure to have as a professor, always responded to emails, was approachable, patient, and made herself more than available and willing to go over problems. Her reviews and overall approach to the course made learning very interesting and exciting. One of the best courses I have taken at Temple. Thank you!"

"The instructor explained things thoroughly in class, was very prompt at sending announcements and responding to emails, and was more than willing to work with me during office hours. I doubt I would have done nearly as well as I have in the course if not for the help of the instructor."

"Professor Ju was always available to help her students. I am very happy that I could visit her and she would be happy to help me with any questions I had."

"Professor Ju is very smart. She was very friendly and approachable. She was always able to answer a question or find a mistake in our work if something wasn't working right in the document."


"She created a welcoming environment in her classroom for everyone. She was always available to meet and help. One of my favorite professors."

"This instructor is a wonderful asset to the faculty and really makes time for her students. She explains everything in a manner that makes it difficult to not understand. She is wonderfully sensitive to the diversity of her students and their situations but not so much so that she could be taken advantage of. She is truly a wonderful instructor and I wish she taught more classes at the university."

"I really enjoyed following all of the steps that she provided, the homework was easy to follow and challenging at the same time. Very easygoing professor, she has taken the time to answer all of my questions in a timely manner!"

"Professor Ju, took a great deal of time to make sure we were prepared for our exams. Especially, since it was a summer course and we were taught a whole semester in six weeks, she made the notes very simple to understand complex lessons, provided reviews, had the homeworks very similar to what we were learning in class, provided extended office hours for questions prior to exams, and made time before exams to do a Q&A."

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